Class Descriptions


Get it all in this one class. Work those dancer legs at the barre, get your heart rate up with a little cardio jump board and finish off with upper body and abs on the reformer.

Beginner Pilates

For everyone who is new to Pilates Equipment and wants an enjoyable workout at a slower pace. This class will start from the beginning.


Bodhi is a 4 point suspension system that creates a workout where balance, strength and flexibility work together. 30 min. of Bodhi is combined with 30 min. of Cadillac to give a complete body workout.


This 55 min. class works the entire body incorporating Bodhi suspension training, cardio pumping jump board on the reformer and Pilates exercises to tone and stretch!

Candlelight Pilates

Unwind, relax and get centered with this quiet, candle lite Pilates class. It’s a great way to recharge!!

Jump-Board Pilates

This gently rigorous, heart-pumping class is your ticket to feeling good.  Jamming to music for 45 minutes of low impact horizontal jumping will provide you with a great way to get your cardio in while toning your abs, legs and butt.  The remaining 15 minutes will be devoted to stretching and restoring.

Pilates Cadillac

The Pilates Cadillac is a specialized piece of equipment that enables users to tone every muscle group. Pilates enthusiasts say it is called the “Cadillac” because of all the extra unique features. The different spring tension works your body in a different way than the reformer. It is a great compliment to any workout routine.

Pilates Combination

A 55 min. class using combination of the reformer, tower, chair, spine corrector and orbit. It will help tone and sculpt every major muscle group with focus on the core.

Pilates Reformer

A 55 minute class utilizing the Reformer, this session will help tone and sculpt every major muscle group, with emphasis on active core and abdominal engagement.

Power Pilates

Intense 55 min. full body workout that incorporates all Pilates equipment including the tower, jump board, chair and orbit. This fast paced, but oh so fun class is sure to having you feeling your hard work all day. Power up!

Stretching & Strengthening

When your muscles and body feel tight and you feel like you need to stretch and lengthen this is the class for you. The reformer will help assist you in stretches from your head to your toes while incorporating strengthening moves to tone.

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